Soċjeta Mużikali Santa Katerina V.M. Żurrieq A.D. 1864
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The administration of the Saint Catherine V.M. Musical Society is in the hands of an executive committee. This committee is elected annually.  The President is also elected amongst the delegates. The election for president is held every two years.


Annually, the President, together with the executive committee, elect various sub-committees in order to include a wide spectrum of people within the society. All these work together in order to reach various common aims. These aims are written down in the society's statute. The statute was approved during two extraordinary general meetings held on the 3rd and 10th May 1998.


During the year various meetings are held, both by the executve committee and the various sub-committees. The latter include the sub-committee responsible of street decorations, the sub-committee responsible of fireworks, the female sub-committee and the youth sub-committee. Apart from this, the executive committee may decide to create other sub-committees responsible of an area which the committee itself decides that it needs further focusing on, such as a committee responsible of the construction of the band club headquarters.


In order to organize a feast on such a large scale, one definitely needs human resources not only in the administration section but also in the practical work which needs to be carried on. This is what makes the Saint Catherine Musical Society of Zurrieq one of the largest and most organised society in Malta.


One must definitely appreciate the hard work which has always been done by the administration.

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